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Exclusive Workshop
9:30 am – 11:30 am

Pure Motive Pricing – The Art & Science of Flat Rate 3.0
Joe Crisara, America's Service Coach and Mike Robinson of EGIA

This talk by Joe Crisara, America's Service Coach and Mike Robinson of EGIA will take a deep dive into the impact your pricing has on your results and on your company culture. The new, rapidly evolving technology-driven economy combined with the American populist culture are changing the way we think about purchasing services.

  • Are you leading and being a part of these new changes?
  • Or are you stuck in the past?
  • Are you prepared to perform in the service industry in the future?

Mike Robinson will start this session by going over the TRUE cost of doing business in the home performance and hvac business. He will continue by helping you to build a profit on top of your costs, so that you can not only operate your current business, but also grow into the future.

Joe Crisara will then go over "real-life" examples of how actual high-performing service contractors have changed their flat rate pricing structure from the old way of featuring materials, to a new paradigm which emphasizes the value of your service. Rick Picard, a Residential Comfort Advisor, will join Joe to show you real life case studies using the Pure Motive Pricing model. Rick, an HVAC legend who single-handedly used Joe’s approach to generate over $6 million dollars in 2016, will answer any and all questions about his process.

After attending this session, you will take home the knowledge and tools of this proven approach to help grow your business. Attend this session to learn a new pricing approach, and to partake in the most dramatic value-enhancing program for your service business to perform at the highest level today. This Exclusive Workshop is only available to the first 500 Contractors who register for the All-Access pass.

Joe Crisara bio

Joe Crisara, known as America's Service Sales Coach, is a world-wide sales educator, author and entrepreneur. He is the proud owner of ContractorSelling.com, Total Immersion Service Sales Summit and Jobi. His down‐to‐earth, direct and impassioned approach combines 40 years of contracting experience with strong expertise in performing what he calls, "Pure Motive Service." Thus, anticipate hearing the thunderous ring of truth from Joe, who stands apart from traditional contracting training professionals as he helps contractors achieve revenues 3-5 times greater than the average person. Joe has trained thousands of owners, managers and technicians how to change their thinking and grow their sales.

He has written the books "Whisper Sales Management: Lead, Calm And Focus The 'Wild Mind' Of Your Pack" and "The Sales Object-o-Matic: The Ultimate Service Sales Cheat Sheet" and the weekly blog, "Contractor Sales Coach." Joe has a true desire to help small service businesses in the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, industries become as successful as possible. His passion shines through into the success of his students as he continual watches them reach higher and higher financial goals. Whether guiding blue collar workers on a live coaching call, through in-person workshops, or via field service software, you will feel his passion to transform your business.

Mike Robinson bio
Independent Industry Educator, Consultant & Thought Leader

As a knowledgeable resource for EGIA's Contractor Marketplace and Consulting Services, Mike helps EGIA bring educational and consulting services to EGIA Members through EGIA's enhanced classroom training offerings. Mike focuses on delivering exceptional educational options to EGIA Members along with supporting individual contractor business reviews and onsite consulting. Mike has been the owner of, and consultant to, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical contracting businesses for over 25 years, was the President of one of the industry's first HVAC training affinity groups, led the development of the first Vendor Rebate program in the HVAC industry and was a founding developer of EGIA's Contractor University. Mike has a undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Accounting from Utah State University, is a CPA and has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

Exclusive Workshop
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Back on Track - How to Have the Tough Conversations
Ellen Rohr

Back on Track - How to Have the Tough Conversations - With Ellen Rohr, Small Business "Un-Complicated" Expert Featured on NBC News, New York Times, CBS, Huffington Post, Fox Business and More

Interested in getting your team to do things your way, with no arguments? Ellen shares straight-forward advice for creating a sane, engaging culture, and reducing the drama that can suck the life out of you and your employees. And when you (or they) fall off track, Ellen's surefire tactics can help you get back on.

And then, let's get AWKWARD! Ellen will demonstrate the tough conversations. Bring your most awkward situations to the conversation and play them out in real time to tackle issues including the chronic latecomer, when family crisis or illness affects work performance, the Solomon Situation ("Did not!" "Did too!") and more.

Ellen will make sure you walk away from this session knowing how to:

  • Define a Great Game - so that team members know if they are winning or losing, and how to get better
  • Move from attitude discussions to behaviors that create success
  • Detail the Progressive Discipline process ("What does it take to get fired around here?")
  • Recognize and reward behaviors and results that are aligned with trackable goals
  • Examine the art and science of leadership
  • Have some fun along the way

Ellen Rohr bio
The Business Makeover Expert®

Ellen nearly sank her husband's plumbing company after his partner died unexpectedly. Boy was she humbled! It seemed like lots of money was moving through the company, but at the end of the month there was never any money left. In desperation, Ellen figured out how to make lots money and turned the business around. She inspires thousands, in workshops, presentations and online, to make business un-complicated and live life un-leashed.

Ellen is also a successful franchisor, helping launch a plumbing franchise to 47 locations and $40 million in sales in under 2 years. Now, she is the president of Zoom Drain and Sewer, LLC. She is a columnist for Huffington Post, PHC News, Springfield Business Journal and an “in the trenches” contributor to many business and trade magazines. Ellen is a popular, high-energy TV Celebrity who has been on over 50 news programs, encouraging people to make their own money.

Wednesday, September 13 - Opening Keynote
Opening Keynote
8:15am - 9:45am

Making Your Dream of Financial Prosperity a Reality: The 3 Keys to Guarantee Success in Your Contracting Business
With Weldon Long, NYT Bestselling Author and Nationally-Renowned Expert on Building Profitable Contracting Companies

Sometimes business can be tough. Sometimes owning your own contracting business can seem overwhelming. Sometimes you forget why you are doing what you are doing.

To create wealth and prosperity, you've got to wake up every day working on YOUR dream! This powerful presentation will keep you focused on your primary purpose and keep you on track to achieve your business dreams. Don't miss out!

Join successful entrepreneur and New York Times Bestselling author Weldon Long for an exciting and dynamic event designed to reinvigorate and reignite your passion and pursuit of your dreams. During this exciting rock and roll performance you will learn:

  • How to get refocused on your dream of financial prosperity that got you started in this business
  • How to get focused on your key priorities that will drive you toward success
  • How to execute those key priorities every day to guarantee your success

View Weldon Long's speaker videos on our Speaker Videos Page

Weldon Long bio
Best Selling Author & Creator of the HVAC Sales Academy

Weldon Long is a successful entrepreneur, sales expert and author of the NY Times bestseller, The Power of Consistency – Prosperity Mindset Training for Sales and Business Professionals (Wiley). In 2003, he walked out of a homeless shelter and built an Inc. 5000 company with over $20,000,000 in sales in just 60 months. In 2009, his company was selected as one of Inc. Magazines Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.

Today, Weldon Long is one of the nation's most powerful speakers and a driven motivator who teaches others the Sales and Prosperity Mindset philosophies that catapulted him from desperation and poverty to a life of wealth and prosperity. Weldon has been featured on numerous national and regional television programs, including Fox News Network, First Business Network and Chicago's own WGN.

Mr. Long has successfully used his signature program, The Power of Consistency, to help hundreds of companies and thousands of sales professionals radically improve their sales results. Weldon holds a Bachelor's Degree and an MBA in Management. He is honored to have served some of America's finest companies, including Federal Express, The Franklin Covey Organization, Tom Hopkins International, Dex Media, Wells Fargo Bank, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Direct Energy/Clockwork Services, Mitsubishi Electric, Rheem, Goodman Manufacturing and the Carrier/Bryant Corporation.

Breakout Sessions:
Wednesday, September 13 – Thursday, September 14

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

8:15 AM - 9:45 AM
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

An Insider's Secret to Sales Success: You Don't Need More Leads to Increase Your Sales and Profits ... You Need LEVERAGE!
With Drew Cameron, President, HVAC Sellutions & Energy Design Systems, Inc.

What do QVC, Best Buy, and the most successful realtors, furniture and car salespeople, and ultra-successful in-home salespeople have in common? How can you effectively and ethically eliminate competition on every job while offering customers the highest level of service? What can you offer today's consumer that will almost guarantee they buy from you?

The answer to all 3 questions is LEVERAGE! It doesn't matter how many sales calls you run if you cannot get customers to buy from you more often than not and make a purchase that actually solves their problem and provides you with a healthy net-profit.

Are you making the most of every marketing dollar and every opportunity they generate? Are you winning all the jobs you feel you should win? Are you utilizing the best-kept secrets for increasing your sales revenue and profits? Are you selling mostly upper-end complete solutions or do you sell mostly mid-level to low-end components with few add-ons? Is your average sale where it needs to be to provide a healthy revenue per sale and revenue per lead metric? Are you earning 15-30% net profit? Are you personally earning over $150,000 by running only 1-2 leads per day 5 days a week?

Join acclaimed strategy adviser to home services contractors, nationally renowned speaker and award-winning consultant Drew Cameron for an enlightening discussion on maximizing your sales performance. If you are not making every penny you feel you and your company deserve, then you need to join this game-changing session, where Drew lays out:

  • Discovering the biggest mistake 95% of contractor salespeople make when it comes to LEVERAGE
  • The most effective way to share your investment options with prospects
  • Showing customers how easy and affordable it is to do business with you, even when you cost more than competitors
  • Proven strategies and best practices for increasing your close ratio and average job
  • The best LEVERAGE resources currently available for home improvement contractors

View Drew Cameron's speaker videos on our Speaker Videos Page

Drew Cameron Bio
President, HVAC Sellutions & Energy Design System, Inc.

Drew Cameron, America’s Most Sought After Sales & Marketing Strategy and Success Adviser to Home Services Contractors, is president of HVAC Sellutions & Energy Design Systems, Inc.; the premier alliance providing industry-leading marketing planning, budgeting, content and support; sales recruiting, education, coaching, consulting and performance enhancement for Home Services Contractors; and design and economic analysis sales software for HVAC and Home Performance companies.  Drew’s 40 years of experience in all facets of running a residential contracting business helps contractors implement effective lead development strategies and build multi-million-dollar profit-generating home services companies.  Drew is a renowned author, educator, coach, consultant, inspirational/educational/”irritational” speaker, software developer, industry philanthropist, and a Tom McCart International Consultant Award Winner as well as a Board member, a Foundation Board Trustee, and a Contractor University Founder & Faculty member for Electric & Gas industries Association (EGIA); a Service Roundtable Consult & Coach Partner & Preferred Vendor; and an Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) member.

Book More Calls, WOW More Customers and Make More Money!
With Brigham Dickinson, President and Founder of Power Selling Pros

"Too many businesses are so concerned with getting as many inbound calls as possible that they forget to focus on what really matters: booking the calls they already get."

The customer touchpoint on the phone is the fastest, easiest way to make more money, and yet it is also the most neglected department in your company. Chances are you are losing 40% of your customers because of the way your phones are being handled. Brigham Dickinson has mastered the science of first impressions and getting the most out of every call. In his interactive breakout session, Brigham will explain:

  • How customer service representatives can increase a company's revenue by $125K per year simply by booking one more call a day - without spending an extra dime on marketing or advertising
  • How companies can double their revenue in 2-5 years just by changing the way they handle phone calls
  • How to make customers want to do business with you by delivering a WOW experience at every point of contact

View Brigham Dickinson's speaker videos on our Speaker Videos Page

Brigham Dickinson Bio
President & Founder of Power Selling Pros

Brigham Dickinson is president and founder of Power Selling Pros, a leading coaching and training firm dedicated to teaching businesses to wow more customers. Brigham started Power Selling Pros when he saw that call handlers needed assistance consistently converting calls to bookings. As a result, Brigham answered the need by creating the Pattern For Excellence, a sequence of principles that guides call handlers through all stages of a call, from greeting to closure. Since 2009, Power Selling Pros' growth comes through referrals alone, thanks to the proven call-handling process and their high level of customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Excellence: How to KEEP More of the Business You Have and Soft Skills for Your Frontline
With Mark Matteson, Internationally In-Demand Speaker and Best-Selling Author

It's anywhere from 5 to 25 times cheaper to keep a current customer than acquire a new one, as just about any business owner, consultant or person familiar with widely-quoted statistics can tell you. But how can you keep those customers?

In this session, Mark Matteson - dubbed the "Oracle of Optimism" and "a superlative street scholar" - explains how improving your company's customer service skills can help you keep exponentially more of the business you already have, leading to higher revenue without ramping up marketing and advertising budgets.

You'll walk away from this session with a whole new mindset, including learning:

  • Communication skills 101
  • How to deal with an angry customer (L.E.S.T.E.R.)
  • How to manage customer expectations - under-promising and over-delivering
  • Soft skills secrets - empathy, active listening and creative caring
  • The difference between influence and power

Mark Matteson Bio
International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, SparkingSuccess.net

Mark Matteson is an international speaker and best-selling author of 15 books. He has been called "The Oracle of Optimism", "A Superlative Street Scholar", "An Intense Idea-Reporter". Mark travels 250 days a year around the globe delivering 75 "Edu-Training" Keynotes, Seminars, Panel Discussions and Workshops a year. Mark is a gifted storyteller, using self-effacing humor, high levels of interaction and powerful and proven business principles to inspire audiences to the highest levels of productivity and profit. Mark leaves audiences wanting more...he began his career in HVAC in 1976.

Everyone Wins with Performance-Based Compensation: Reduce Employee Turnover and Improve Morale by Rewarding your High-Productivity Employees
With James Leichter, President & CEO of Aptora Corporation; MR. HVAC LLC; RA Tax and Accounting, Inc.

Compensation has traditionally meant that you paid people based on the going rate - that employees can expect to receive an annual raise based on nothing more than being there for another year. They see no way to increase their compensation except to complain or look for other opportunities. Often, just 50 cents per hour is all that it takes to lose an employee to another company.

Modern compensation plans need to reflect an employee's individual contribution to the company's goals and aspirations. Employees need to be in charge of their own raises. This can be accomplished through performance-based compensation (PBC). PBC is a process of paying employees for a specific outcome or paying extra for performance that goes above and beyond the normal call of duty. Since employees know exactly what is expected from them and how much money they can earn doing it, good employees increase their productivity and income. When that happens, everyone wins.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn all about performance-based compensation
  • Learn how restructuring pay can not only improve employee morale, but drive profits
  • Walk away with concrete written examples that you can immediately take back to your office and implement.

View James Leichter's speaker videos on our Speaker Videos Page

James R. Leichter Bio
President & CEO, Aptora Corporation, Mr. HVAC LLC, RA Tax and Accounting Inc.

James is a successful entrepreneur and master mechanic whose accomplishments include being the founder of MrHVAC.com, the CEO and founder of Aptora, the President of RA Tax and Accounting and a partner with ProAmerican Investments.

James' company MrHVAC.com is a website dedicated to improving the lives of contractors. It includes industry articles, specialized HVAC calculators, forms, templates and one of the most extensive operations manuals in the country. As the founder of Aptora corporation, he has created some of the most popular software programs in the service industry including Flat Rate Plus and Total Office Manager.

James is well known for his burning passion to help contractors and it shows in his unique speaking style. He has hosted management workshops all around the United States and has conducted onsite consulting since 1996 with hundreds of contractors.

Leadership: Improving Execution to Drive Profits
With Gary Elekes, President, EPC Equity

We all want to drive more profits to our bottom line and we all know distractions can get in the way of day-to-day execution and achieving many company goals. In this breakout workshop, Gary Elekes will identify the key areas a contractor must focus on to lead and manage more effectively, and he'll explain how even small improvements in business execution can transform your Income Statement for the better!

Together we will discuss how a basic operating plan with specific goals and a focus on efficiency and productivity can dramatically impact your overall profitability.

You'll walk away with specific tools and strategies to:

  • Improve as a leader and manage more effectively
  • Increase your company's profitability
  • Improve your own quality of life

Gary Elekes Bio
President, EPC Equity

Gary Elekes is serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping others become more successful by sharing what he has learned during his 20+ years working closely with all facets of the contracting industry. During his career, Gary has held senior management positions at Lennox and Service Experts. In 2000, Gary moved into entrepreneurship and started his training and consulting business EPC. Today, EPC continues to support growth oriented businesses aspiring to reach 20% EBIT. He also designed the very first web based learning platform for the residential contracting industry, which acts as a support system for training and learning in HVAC and plumbing trades, and has over 5,000 subscribers.

In 2003, Gary began acquiring contracting firms with a focus on developing turn-around opportunities. He also opened and operated several start-up businesses. In 2010, he added web design/SEO and online marketing to his company portfolio starting Imarket Solutions as a co-founder. Gary graduated from Ohio State University with a BSBA and also holds a Master's Degree in Business and Finance.

The Seasonality Challenge: How HVAC Companies Can Grow Offseason Revenues with Targeted Marketing & New Services
With Peter Troast, Founder and CEO of Energy Circle

Almost across the board, HVAC companies are subject to seasonal drop-offs. Business – and, unfortunately, revenue – typically fluctuates greatly as the weather changes. So how can an HVAC company break that cycle of seasonal earning?

In this session, Energy Circle's Peter Troast will discuss proven business enhancement strategies to help drive revenues and profits during the typical slower "offseason" that many HVAC businesses experience. He'll share his team's deep dataset of seasonal trigger points and show real-world case studies of marketing tactics that can activate the market prior to that first frost or heat wave.

In addition, Peter will lay out

  • The business opportunity in add-on services like insulation, air sealing, healthy home, smart home and solar
  • Specific examples of how HVAC companies have transitioned to take advantage of these other opportunities
  • How proactive planning can ensure your revenue is no longer at the mercy of the weather

Peter Troast Bio
Founder and CEO of Energy Circle

Peter is recognized as one of the country's foremost authorities on marketing for home performance, HVAC and other efficiency related contracting companies. He authors the widely-read Energy Circle blog and is a passionate advocate for the power of the whole house home performance business model. He and his team work with over 350 companies in 49 states grow their business through services like website design and development, search engine optimization, lead generation and strategic content production. He is a popular and high ranking speaker about marketing for contractors at industry events across the country. For 2015, he received the Tony Woods Award for excellence in advancing the home performance industry.

Thursday, September 14 – Closing Keynote
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Preparing for Greatness
Ray Lewis

What is the difference between being good versus being great? What separates the best-of-the-best from the rest of the crowd? In most cases, the answer is a combination of preparation, attitude, self-belief, relentlessness, and a desire to always keep climbing higher. Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, these traits are what determine whether or not you maximize your true potential. During this powerful presentation, Ray Lewis - NFL icon, media personality, New York Times Best Selling Author and legendary leader – will motivate and inspire attendees to prepare for their own personal and professional greatness.

Topics will include:

  • The importance of developing a plan to achieve your goals
  • Igniting and constantly fueling the fire for success that lies inside of you
  • How to lead with a vision and get the most out of the team around you
  • Overcoming obstacles & never giving up until you accomplish your goals

Ray Lewis Bio

Universally considered one of the greatest players in NFL history, Ray Lewis starred at middle linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens for 17 seasons, racking up 13 Pro Bowl selections, 2 NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards and 7 First Team All-Pro designations. He reached the peak of his sport twice, leading the Ravens to championships in Super Bowls XXXV, for which he was named Super Bowl MVP, and XLVII.

Today, Lewis is a revered media personality – having previously appeared on ESPN and now on Fox Sports – and the co-founder of Power52 Foundation, which is dedicated to bringing increased energy independence to the Baltimore area, while transforming the lives of at-risk young adults, returning citizens and military veterans through career training in the solar industry and other green jobs. The famously fiery public speaker is the New York Times bestselling author of an inspirational memoir, I Feel Like Going On, which shines a light not just on football and how he built a path to success, but of turning his life around, going from childhood struggles and off-field controversy to becoming a widely beloved figure, hailed for the positive impact he makes in communities across the country.

One of the most in-demand motivational speakers in the country, Ray Lewis has been asked to speak for myriad events and groups, including TEDxYouth, Stanford University and charitable organizations like First Serve Miami. In 2016, he helped launch Ferguson 1000, Baltimore 1000, LA 1000 and Global 1000, which are committed to improving urban cities in America and worldwide through economic development, community programs and job creation.